West End Christmas Lights

On Wednesday evening I was delighted to attend the Christmas concert at Dundee West Church.  Yet again the talent on display from the schools of the West End was remarkable and we were also treated to a performance by Loadsaweeminsinging.

After the concert it was outside to Seabraes for the switching on of the Christmas Lights.  It was great to see so many local people there enjoying this event.  The fireworks were spectacular and a number of people, including former West End Community Council Chairman Alan Young - see photograph, enjoyed the sparklers which were available,


Safe Drive Stay Alive

As a member of the Tayside Fire and Rescue Board I was invited to attend a presentation for fourth year pupils on road safety in the Caird Hall.  Safe Drive Stay Alive is a very harrowing presentation of the dangers which are present for young drivers.  It presented the problems which can come about as a result of young people speeding or showing off when driving.  It was shocking that the presentation claimed that the biggest killer of teenage girls is teenage boys driving.

We also heard from the father of a five year-old boy who was killed by a drunk-driver.  It was shocking to hear his story.  I do hope that the young people there will think carefully about their behaviour when they are able to drive.  This was a harrowing event and certainly made me think about road safety.

Well done to those who organised the event.


Development Management Committee

On Monday evening I attended the November meeting of the Development Management Committee.  There was a fairly light agenda for this.  We accepted an outline planning application for a manufacturing facility for offshore renewables at Dundee Port.  I welcome this and look forward to a full application possibly coming forward.  I hope that Dundee is able to attract a company to use such a facility sooner rather than later.

There was also a planning application to allow JTC in Harrison Road to operate a wood burning plant which would produce electricity.  I supported this proposal as I think that it is good to have a sustainable use for offcuts from the joinery works here.  I did ask a question about whether we were setting a precedent in favour of all biomass plants by agreeing last night's proposals.  I was reassured to be told that each planning application is treated on its own merits and that no such precedent was set.  On this basis I was very happy to support the proposals put forward at the committee meeting.

West End Parking Consultation - Make Views Known

A map at the exhibition showing some extra detail (or not)
I've reiterated my call for West End residents and businesses to make their views known on the proposed residents' parking scheme.  On Monday I was at the well attended exhibition at Blackness Library to give residents more information about the scheme.

There was a good turnout at the meeting in Blackness Library but it represented only a small proportion of the people of the West End. I am very clear that everyone with a view on these proposals should make their views known. It is important that whatever the decision that is taken is in line with the views of the majority in the West End.

Many people at today's event were raising concerns about the proposals with me and it is important that each and every one of those concerns is fed back into council. As a local resident I am aware of some of the concerns that people have been raising, I know that people are concerned about the cost; about whether this will merely move the problem; about whether they can get visitors or deliveries; and about the impact on local businesses. I will certainly be expecting the report on the consultation to include these matters.

My message to the people of the West End is clear - make your voice heard - tell the council what you think about this important issue.

Tayside Fire & Rescue Board Meeting

On Monday morning I attended a meeting of Tayside Fire and Rescue Board.  The main focus of the meeting was looking at how we move towards the national fire and rescue service.  It is important that Tayside Fire and Rescue keeps its eye on the ball in the run up to the new national Fire and Rescue service and ensures that people in Tayside continue to receive an excellent service from Tayside Fire and Rescue Service.

One of the items reported was on the campaign supported by Tayside Fire & Rescue on the danger of fires in wheelie bins particularly in tenemental areas.  I raised some issues about this; namely that it is really important that Tayside Fire & Rescue and other partners deal with this issue.  I raised my concerns that it is important that this campaign is aimed at students and at landlords.  It is important that landlords take their responsibilities seriously.