Thermal Imaging in the West End

I was pleased to get along to Blackness Library on Saturday to see the work which Solar Cities Scotland have done in the West End.  They have been taking thermal images of houses in the West End.  The aim of this is to highlight heat loss in homes across the West End.  Solar Cities are also able to highlight measures that can be taken to alleviate the problems caused by fuel poverty.  I am aware that in the West End there are a number of older properties which can be hard to heat.  Solar Cities are doing a good job in helping people in the West End take action to reduce their carbon footprint and save money for themselves.


International Brigade Memorial

On Saturday I was delighted to attended the annual commemoration of those brave men from Dundee  who gave their lives in Spain with the International Brigade during the Spanish Civil War.  It is important to remember all of those who fought against fascism in Spain.

Details of those men from Dundee who died in Spain can be found here.  Just like when remembering those who died in the First and Second World Wars I am struck by reading the stories of 'ordinary' men who lead 'ordinary' lives and spent their days in places which I pass every day but who went on and did extraordinary things.  Their stories are a challenge to us all.

It was good to see people from the Labour and Trade Union movement in Dundee taking the time to remember those who fought fascism.  Next year marks the 40th anniversary of the Dundee memorial and I will be working with the City Council to ensure that the memorial is refurbished for that anniversary.