Community Spirit Action Group

On Wednesday evening I was pleased to attend the first meeting of the year of the Community Spirit Action Group.  This group does a great job in focusing on community action in the north of the ward. 

The meeting started with George Gammack talking about the work of Living Streets in promoting a 20 mph speed limit in residential areas of the Dundee.  This is an idea that I think that the council should look at.  It would not be a solution to every problem caused by speeding cars but it is worth at least considering it.  I see that my Scottish Labour and Co-operative colleague Lesley Hinds has led the way on implementing a policy of 20 mph in residential parts of Edinburgh.  I am very interested in the views which local residents have about speed limits in their neighbourhoods.  Please get in touch if you have any views on this.

I have raised issues about speed limits with council officers previously and have often been told that average speeds are not excessive is the areas which I have asked about.  I think we should take some reassurance from that but it is important to note that it is important that residents feel safe in their neighbourhood and that feeling that vehicle speeds are being kept under control will help some people feel safer.

There was also a discussion about the implementation of the so-called 'Eurobins' in Saggar Street.  There used to be a problem with 'wheelie-bins' being left out permanently in this area and this is why there has been a trial of using the communal bins in the area.  There have been concerns about the loss of car parking spaces and the way in which the bins are positioned.  The officer from the Environment Department who attended the meeting took on board residents concerns and hopefully most people are now happy with this solution to waste and recycling issues in this area.  However, as always if any local resident has any issues about this please get in touch.