At last investment in Tennis facilities at Victoria Park

Victoria Park Tennis Courts from West End Labour & Co-op on Vimeo.

Since 2009 West End I have been calling for improvements to the tennis courts at Victoria Park in his ward.  I am pleased at long last to see that £88,000 will be spent on these courts to bring them up to an acceptable standard.  After my campaign for improvements Dundee City Council's Neighbourhood Services Committee approved investment of  £88,000 in Victoria Park Tennis Courts.

I have been calling for improvements to these tennis courts over a number of years.  I have been promised that work will take place before and I hope that it will now come to fruition.  The state of the tennis courts is totally unacceptable.  I am glad that the council has listened to my concerns and those of local people and that now action will finally be taken.  I will be watching to ensure that the investment delivers genuine improvements in the tennis courts as I have been promised action previously and none has been forthcoming.

I will continue to look for investment in the West End and to ensure that local people get the best services possible.  Our parks are a great asset to the city and we need to look at ways of ensuring that their facilities are kept up to date.

I also hope that Dundee will receive funding from Tennis Scotland to have publicly accessible indoor tennis courts built in the city.