Sport Dundee

Tonight I attended the Annual General Meeting of Sport Dundee (formerly Dundee City Sports Council). Until the change of City Council administration I was the chair of this organisation. This was an excellent chance to promote sport in the city. It is also an excellent opportunity to celebrate the work of the many volunteers in the city who make sport possible.

The contribution of sport to many of the council's priorities can often be ignored but it is important that we see that sport can make a real difference to the lives of people in the city.

For more information on Sport Dundee visit their website.

St Joseph's Sports Day

I attended the sports day at St Joseph's Primary today. It was held at Harris Academy's playing fields at Elliot Road. Thankfully it was dry throughout. It was good to see the children enjoying themselves and being very active.

The staff and the parents who helped as volunteers deserve thanks for making it a very enjoyable event.


Balgay Stakeholders meeting

Today I attended one of the regular meetings of the Greater Balgay Stakeholders meeting. As a local resident I know what a great place Balgay Park is and this meeting allows the Leisure and Communities Department and local voluntary activists to join together to discuss how to make Balgay an even better place.

Volunteers make the city a better place. There are a great deal of excellent parks in the city and I am always happy to promote the city's parks.


Clarify next stages in school process

West End Councillor Richard McCready today called for clarification on the next stages of the school building process in his West End ward and also in the Lochee ward. Councillor McCready was advised not to take part in last night's committee meeting on the West End proposals because he is a local resident with a child at a local school. Councillor McCready recognises that there are a mixture of views about the proposals.

Councillor Richard McCready said, 'I was disappointed not to be able to take part in the part of the Education Committee which dealt with the proposals for the West End. I took advice from officers of the council and the Standards Commission and the advice was that I should not take part. I hope that my constituents will understand why I was not able to take part in the Committee meeting.'

'Since the meeting I have been contacted by a number of constituents who are concerned that questions might not have been answered as fully as possible and that those making there views known through delegations did not get the opportunity to put forward all the issues they wished to. I have written to the Director of Education today asking the questions which I would have asked last night.''During the consultation process I have listened to local residents, officers of the council and church representatives and I have read all the consultation responses. It is fair to say that I broadly support the proposals for the West End; but I would have wished to seek some clarification from the Director of Education before voting.'

Notes Please find below the questions which Councillor McCready has asked the Director of Education.

1. Can you say that the site is large enough for the size of school envisaged and whether any dispensation will be required from the Scottish Government in order to build the new schools?2. Can you confirm that the sports facilities will be better than the those currently in place at Park Place and St Joseph's? What access will the schools have to outdoor sports and/or recreation facilities?

3. Can you outline the process now that the Committee has agreed to progress the proposal? Will there be further opportunities for members of the community to have an input at any of these stages?