Perth Road Shopping Area Consultation

Concerned over empty shops on the Perth Road
Earlier today I popped into the Tartan CafĂ© on the Perth Road to visit the consultation on the future of the Perth Road.  I have long been campaigning about protecting the Perth Road shops.

I am concerned that there was a period a few months ago when shop after shop and restaurant appeared to be closing.  A number of new places have opened recently and hopefully this demonstrates confidence in the area.

As a local councillor and local resident I want to see good quality facilities for local people on the Perth Road.  I want to see a vibrant mix of independent retailers and specialist shops, but we also need to provide shops that cater for every pocket.

The consultation being carried out by the council is about what can be done to improve the area.  I know that the issue of parking will come up and I still believe that the council needs to look at this issue and with more flexibility.  One size does not fit all.

I want to look at possibilities for branding the Perth Road shopping area.  I think that we should also look at things like street furniture and public art as a way of making the area more interesting.

 I would also be keen to explore ideas like the Perth Road Pound.  This would be a form of 'currency ' that could be used in all the shops in the area, in effect a bit like vouchers.  This is an idea that has been tried in a number of other areas like Bristol you can find out more about the Bristol Pound here.

Fundamentally, the council needs to hear from local businesses and local people.  What do you think should be done in the Perth Road.  You can find out a little more on the council's website or make your views known to localdevplan@dundeecity.gov.uk

There can be few people left who haven't shopped online or at an out-of-town store (and I am certainly not one of them) but we need to acknowledge that we need to use the Perth Road shops or the threat is there that we lose them.

I look forward to the council creating plans to improve and enhance the Perth Road.