West End Local Community Planning Partnership

In the evening I attended a meeting of the West End Local Community Planning Partnership meeting held at Balgay Parish Church Hall. This was an excellent opportunity to discussthe issues facing the West End. It is important that everyone with responsibilty for the West End works together to promote the best interests of the West End.

Dundee Ice Arena

This afternoon I attended a meeting of the Board of Dundee Ice Arena. This was a very interesting meeting. The Ice Arena is a great resource for the city and the region and well worth a visit.


Euro Campaigning

Today I was joined by Scottish Labour candidates David Martin, Catherine Stihler and Paul McAleavey campaigning for the European Parliament elections on June 4th. The photograph shows us campaigning in Tullideph Road.

The response on the doorstep was excellent. Many local people recognise how important it is to vote in this election and to vote Labour in this election.

It was also an excellent chance for me to chat to some of my constituents and listen to their concerns.

Dundee City Disability Sports

Tonight I attended the Annual General Meeting of Dundee City Disability Sports Council. There was a very interesting presentation about the design of the new Olympia with a particular focus on access issues. The facility looks very impressive and the facilities for the disabled sound excellent. It is to be hoped that work is able to start soon.

I am very impressed with the sporting achievement of many of those with a disability and also by the work of the many volunteers who make the work of Dundee City Disability Sport possible.

Welcome for recycling facilities in Pentland area

West End Councillor Richard McCready today welcomed the news that further recycling facilities are to be installed in the West End ward in the Pentland area. A Neighbourhood Recycling Point will be situated at the junction of Saggar Street and Pentland Avenue.

Councillor Richard McCready said, 'I welcome this work which should be operational on 1st June. A number of constituents have contacted me asking for improved recycling facilities in the area. The local community group Community Spirit has also campaigned for improved recycling and they are to be congratulated on getting this result. it is important that everyone plays their part in promoting recycling and this should allow residents in the Pentland area to recycle paper and glass more easily from now on.'


Act Responsibly on Magdalen Green

West End Councillor Richard McCready today called for all users of Magdalen Green to use the area responsibly. His call came after he was contacted by a constituent who was appalled by the amount of broken glass he found at Magdalen Green during a visit with his grandson over the weekend. Councillor McCready has contacted the Leisure and Communities Department of the City Council asking for action to be taken to ensure that broken glass is removed, although Councillor McCready is aware that the problem lies with those who break glass on the Green.

Councillor Richard McCready said, 'I was very concerned to hear from my constituent that he and his two year-old grandson were confronted with broken glass during a recent visit to Magdalen Green. I have raised my concerns with the council and I hope that appropriate action will be taken. It is also clear that everyone who uses Magdalen Green has a duty to clear up after themselves and to act responsibly. Hopefully over the next few weeks we will have some better weather and this will attract people to Magdalen Green I urge everyone to enjoy Magdalen Green responsibly.'

'Magdalen Green is a great park to be enjoyed by the people of the West End and beyond. Everyone who uses it should take care of it. It is unacceptable that some people spoil it for other visitors.'