Support for bus petition

On Friday I showed my support for a petition to review recent bus changes especially as they impact on people in the Ancrum, Tullideph and Pentland areas of the West End. Along with ward colleague Councillor Fraser Macpherson and members of the Community Spirit Action Group I was at Ninewells Hospital to express my concerns.

I support the petition organised by Community Spirit - well done to them for doing this. The area around Pentland, Ancrum and Tullideph is missing out due to the changes to the bus service which happened recently. We were at Ninewells Hospital to illustrate that people living in these areas have real difficulties in getting to Ninewells Hospital. I hope that Community Spirit is successful in its campaign and I will continue to raise their concerns with National Express Dundee.

You can show your support by signing the petition on-line. I am happy to raise concerns about the bus service with the bus company please get in touch to outline any concerns you have.