West End Community Council

The West End Community Council serves most of the West End ward.  The Community Council is a statutory body which is often consulted on policy and planning issues which impact on the West End.

Nominations are now open for the West End Community Council.  These nominations have been re-opened because not enough nominations were received previously.  If enough people do not come forward then the West End Community Council will fold.

If you live in the area covered by the West End Community Council please have a look at the details here and see if you would like to be a Community Councillor.


No Ball Games - What do you think?

I have asked Dundee City Council for its views on whether we should follow Aberdeen City Council's lead and take down the 'No Ball Game' signs. I am also seeking the views of local residents about this issue.


I was very interested to see media reports of Denis Law taking down 'No Ball Game' signs in Aberdeen. I know that there are strong opinions around this. I know that local residents need to be able to live in peace in their own homes but I also know that for many reasons we should be encouraging young people to be more active.


I am asking Dundee City Council for their views on this. I would really welcome the views of local people about this. Is there a way to encourage more activity from young people at the same time as ensuring that people can live in their own homes in peace and quiet?