Co-operative Party Summerfest

On Tuesday I attended the Co-operative Party's Summerfest at St Andrews. I am a Labour and Co-operative Party councillor. The Co-operative Party is about promoting solutions which employ co-operative and mutual solutions. In the morning there was a very interesting discussion about co-operative options in local government. There were presentations from Councillor Jack Hopkins from Lambeth Council and Councillor Stephen Curran from Glasgow City Council. I am clear that there is much more that councils could do co-operatively. I am looking at ways in which we can promote co-ops and mutuals through Dundee City Council. The work which Lambeth Council is doing on becoming a co-operative council is very interesting and well worth a look.

In the afternoon Co-op Party General Secretary Michael Stephenson gave an overview of the Co-op Party's position after the election. He highlighted the Feeling's Mutual Campaign for the mutualisation of Northern Rock. The post credit crunch age in which we live is an excellent time for the Co-operative Party. Capitalism has demonstrated that it does not have all the answers and now is an opportune time to try different models.
For more information on the Co-operative Party and for information about joining the party please click here.

Dundee Ice Arena

On Monday I attended a couple of meetings at Dundee Ice Arena. These meetings looked at Health and Safety issues and also at catering and retail issues. The Ice Arena is an excellent facility for the people of Dundee. These are exciting times for the Ice Arena as the Dundee Stars enter ice hockey's Elite League. Both the Dundee Ice Arena and Dundee Stars websites are well worth a visit.


City Council to make views known on Games Industry

Dundee City Council is to make a submission to the House of Commons Scottish Affairs Select Committee inquiry into the Games Industry. This comes in response to my request, I am pleased that Chief Executive, David Dorward, has agreed to my request and I hope that the council will be able to speak with one voice on this important issue.

I am really pleased that a report will be brought before the council allowing us to submit evidence to the Scottish Affairs Select Committee inquiry into the Games Industry. The Games Industry has the potential to become a major part of Dundee's future, and the University of Abertay Dundee is a key player in this important industry. The council needs to do all that it can to protect jobs and encourage new jobs and this is even more important in these difficult economic times. I look forward to the council receiving a report on this important industry. I hope that the council will speak with one voice and highlight how important this industry is and will make our views clear on the need for a tax break for the Games Industry.

Jobs have to be our priority and we must do all we can to promote industry in Dundee.