Protect the Perth Road Shopping Area

An artists impression of the bridge
At Monday evening's City Development Committee there was a discussion about the bridge which will go over the railway line at Seabraes close to the Tesco store on Riverside. 

I think that it is good that the links between the West End and the Perth Road and the Waterfront are being improved.  I did raise my concerns about the future of the Perth Road District shopping centre.  I sought a reassurance that the creation of this footbridge would not have a detrimental impact on shops on the Perth Road.  I was told by the Director of City Development that he did not anticipate that the bridge would be detrimental in any way to the Perth Road shops.  I was glad to hear his professional opinion but I will be monitoring this once the bridge is in place.

I will be contacting the Director of City Development to ensure that there is two-way traffic over this bridge and that people who are visiting the Waterfront are encouraged to take a stroll up to the Perth Road and enjoy the many shops, caf├ęs and other attractions of the West End.