Visit to Dundee Airport

This morning I had a very productive meeting with Derrick Lang, the Manager of Dundee Airport.  It was good to meet up with him and hear about what is going on at the airport.  From time to time I get complaints from local people about problems with the airport usually things to do with noise.  As a local resident I am aware that from time to time there can be noise issues with the operation of the airport.  I raise these complaints with the airport and usually we manage to come to an understanding of what has gone wrong.  If any local residents have concerns please get in touch with me and I will raise them with the airport.

It was good to hear about plans for the airport and how it can be developed for the benefit of everyone in Dundee.  The changes in Dundee with the V & A could make the airport even more important.  I want Dundee to be well connected, with excellent transport links by rail, by bus, by sea, by road and indeed by air. It is also important that our transport policy also takes on board the need to protect the environment.


Community Spirit Action Group Meeting

This evening I attended a meeting of the Community Spirit Action Group, this is the residents group which serves the north end of the West End ward.  There was a very interesting presentation about the ADAPT project, this stands for Avoid Debt Act Positively Today.  It is becoming more and more important that debt is dealt with and there is a growing need for financial education.  There was also discussion about a variety of issues which face this area.


Dundee WestFest - Piggyback Record Attempt

This Sunday sees the start of the excellent WestFest, which will open with the Big Sunday on Magdalen Green.  There are many great events over the week and hopefully something for everyone.  Last year, along with my daughter, I was one of many people who set a world record for the world's biggest piggyback race.  Unfortunately our record has been snatched from us by Americans!  I will be trying to reclaim the title for the West End on Sunday.  If you would like to join me and hopefully many others come along on Sunday.  Hopefully the weather will be good and it will be a great day for everyone in the West End.


Kirkin of the Council

This morning along with other councillors and civic guests I attended the Kirkin of the Council at Dundee Parish Church (St Mary's).  I think that it is always worth taking time to reflect on our roles as councillors and what we are trying to achieve.  It was good to listen to the Minister, Rev Keith Hall preaching on 'Recognising True Greatness'.  He preached on Matthew's Gospel Chapter 23 Versses 1-12.    In this passage Jesus warns against those who do not practice what they preach and do not lift a finger to lift the heavy burden on those who carry such a burden.  The passage ends 'Anyone who raises himself up  will be humbled and anyone who humbles himself will be raised up.'  I think that this is an interesting choice, especially as the council guests sat in the Lord Provost's pew.  I wonder what Jesus would make of such reserved seats in the temple.  It is important though to remember that we are called to serve not to be served and our roles on the council are to make Dundee a better place and hopefully lift the burden from those who are overburdened.  It is also clear that we should not be serving on he council looking for glory for ourselves but rather we should be trying to make the city a better place