Delighted at Funding for Roseangle Play Park

I am delighted that local people campaigning to improve Roseangle Play Park have received £62,252 of funding from the Active Places Fund.  This is great news and I hope that it goes a long way to delivering improvements at this play park.  I have been supporting this campaign from day one and it is great to see its success.  I want to congratulate those local people, led by Sharon Dickie, who have worked so hard to get this funding.  I look forward to continuing to work with them to ensure that delivery of an improved play park at Roseangle for families and children in the West End and for visitors to the West End becomes a reality before too long.  I hope that the council will look at this example and see if there are ways in which these efforts can be replicated across the city to improve play parks and other facilities for every child in the city.
This has been a great effort by the local community and all those involved deserve the thanks of everyone in the city.
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