Refurbish Victoria Park Tennis Courts

Victoria Park Tennis Courts from West End Labour & Co-op on Vimeo.
 I am calling for action to improve the tennis courts in Victoria Park.  A number of local residents have raised concerns about the state of the tennis courts with me. 

Over a number of years I have called for improvements to the tennis courts across the city and especially at Victoria Park.  This has been raised with me by a number of local residents.  Last week I visited the courts and I was appalled by the state of the courts.  I have been promised that action will be taken in the past and I have written to the council again looking for action to improve the state of the courts.

Jenny Marra MSP and I have been calling for action over the years and we have been promised that something will be done.

I want to make sure that the facilities in the West End are as good as they can be.  The tennis courts at Victoria Park need investment and I hope that officers will be able to tell me that this is going to happen.  I am also looking for an update on the chances of the Tennis Scotland funding an indoor facility in Dundee.  Tennis is becoming more popular with the success of British tennis players over recent years and we need to capitalise on that success and provide the facilities needed for the next generation of tennis players to develop their skills.