West End Community Council

Last week I attended a very interesting meeting of the West End Community Council.  The West End Community Council has a new website, which is well worth visiting and will hopefully keep local people up-to-date with what is going on in the West End.

There was an interesting talk from Colin McCrae from Dundee City Council's Housing Department on issues around houses in multiple occupation and the registration of landlords.  I think that some of these checks could go further but on the whole I think that the registration and regulation of landlords protects the interests of local people.  It was good to hear about what is being done to ensure that houses that are rented are of the highest standard possible.

If any constituents have problems with rented properties nearby please get in touch with me.  Likewise if you are concerned that your landlord is not fulfilling their legal obligations please get in touch.

It is important that the West End continues to be a vibrant place to live in and work in.  This means that there needs to be ways for the different types of housing tenure to live together and be a vibrant and diverse community.