Discovery Centre

Balloons were released to signify the opening of the Discovery Centre
Today, as the local councillor I was delighted to attend the opening of the Discovery Centre at the University of Dundee.  This centre will add to Dundee's excellent reputation for life sciences research.  It was good to listen to the Nobel-laureate Sir Paul Nurse speak about the  importance of turning life sciences research into treatments which make a difference to the lives of many people.

The strength of life sciences research in Dundee is important to the economy of the city.  I think that the universities and the council should be looking for ways in which we can ensure that these economic benefits derive to all parts of Dundee. 

I hope that this new centre plays its part in the continuing success of life sciences at the University of Dundee. 


Mills Observatory

At last week's Scrutiny Committee (page 366 of the pdf) I was very disappointed to see a decline in the numbers of visitors to Dundee's museums.  I was surprised to say the least to see this decline attributed to the decision to restrict the opening hours of the Mills Observatory.  I was surprised because when that decision was made we were told that the impact would be negligible and all those who visited over the summer months would continue to be accommodated. Both of these statements cannot be true.

I am awaiting further evidence of what is responsible for the decline in numbers visiting Dundee's museums.  I want to get the bottom of this.  I also want to be reassured that there is a plan to ensure the long-term future of the Mills Observatory.  It used to be the case that Dundee's proud boast was of the Mills Observatory as the UK's only full-time public observatory.  Well we can't say that any more.  I think that Dundee is lucky to have a facility like the Mills and that we should be looking for ways to secure its future and ensure that people from Dundee and beyond get the chance to visit this unique museum.