Alistair Darling Campaigning in Dundee

Alistair Darling, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, was in Dundee today campaigning along with Jim McGovern. Alistair was highlighting the help offered to the games industry in Dundee by the UK Labour Government in the recent Budget. This tax break is at risk if there is a Tory Government and as we all know the only way to prevent a Tory Government is to vote Labour on May 6th. You can read about Alistair and Jim's visit here.


Labour Manifesto Launch

Labour launched its Manifesto for the General Election on Monday. Gordon Brown's views from the Manifesto launch are here, you can read Jim Murphy and Iain Gray's thoughts on the Manifesto here, and view the Manifesto videos above. It is clear that Labour has a plan for the future and that Labour has the policies to take the country forward.

Remembering victims of the Polish Air Crash

This evening I attended a Polish service to remember the victims of the Polish Air Crash at St Francis's Friary, which is in the West End ward. There was a strong turn out of Polish people who have made their homes in Dundee, there was also quite a number of non-Polish people showing their solidarity with the Polish nation. The Prime Minister has expressed his sympathy with the Polish nation.


Erskine Caring for ex-servicemen and women

At lunchtime I attended a meeting in the City Chambers where Erskine the organisation which provides care for ex-Service men and women. This was a very interesting meeting, Erskine does a lot of excellent work caring for our former members of the armed forces. We owe our service men and women a debt of gratitude and we must look after them either in times of crisis or in old age.