Call for Special Commission to mark UK City of Culture Year

At the City Council's Policy and Resources Committee on Monday evening I proposed that Dundee's year as UK City of Culture in 2017 is marked by the commissioning of a work of art or a heritage commission.  The council's Policy and Resources Committee was debating the council's collections policy.


At the start of Monday evening's round of meetings the Lord Provost praised Dundee's bid.  I echo the Lord Provost's call to wish the bid the best of luck as Dundee makes its presentation next week.  I believe that Dundee has a very strong case and I know that we are in with a very good chance of winning this important accolade.


When I looked at the report which detailed Dundee's artistic, heritage, scientific and technological collections I was very impressed. This strong base will surely go a long way in making Dundee's case to be UK City of Culture.  I think that when Dundee wins we should look to develop a permanent reminder of Dundee's year as UK City of Culture in 2017.  I think that we should look to commission a piece of art or a heritage collection which will reflect Dundee's place as UK City of Culture in 2017.  I would want the people of Dundee to be included in such a commission.  This should not be a piece of art chosen by solely by council officers or politicians instead it should be a piece of art or heritage which reflects the lives of the people of Dundee.  The City of Culture bid is about the people of Dundee and we should be looking to find ways to allow the people of Dundee to remember what would be an exciting year.  I think that there should be a commission to mark the year and I think it is important that decisions on such a commission are made by the people of Dundee.  Such a commission need not cost a lot of money but should reflect the views of the people of Dundee.


I was pleased that my idea about this was received warmly in the council chamber and in due course I expect to bring it forward and ensure that Dundee's year as UK City of Culture is remembered long after 2017.