A fair Olympics

I was delighted to hear that the Olympic Torch will visit Dundee next year. I am really looking forward to the Olympics and I hope that they are a real success. It is great to have the Olympics in this country.

I am supporting War on Want's campaign to 'Say No to a sweatshop Olympics'. It is important that none of the merchandise or sportswear used at the Olympics are produced in sweatshops. I am the Convener of the Dundee Fairtrade Forum and it is important to me that we work to promote fairtrade.

Another award for the McManus

I am really pleased that the work on the McManus: Dundee's Art Galleries and Museum has been recognised again, this time by the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects). Everyone behind this project deserves praise. It was the previous Labour-led City Council that had the vision and confidence to bring forward this proposal. I think that it has been hugely successful and I am very proud of the work which has been done there. The co-operation between the public sector and the private sector in this project is a model of how these things should be done; and also prove that any idea that these sectors are in competition is wrong. This important piece of public sector investment would not have been possible without private sector expertise and likewise the private sector would not have gained this expertise or had capacity for this project without public sector investment.

I would urge anyone who has not visited the McManus to go and have a look at the excellent results.


Warm Welcome for the Olympic Torch

I was delighted to hear this morning that the Olympic Torch will visit Dundee in June 2012. This is great news and is another way of getting Dundee on the map which is very important. It is important that the Olympics are not just about London and I am delighted that people in Dundee will able to take part in this British and international celebration. I look forward to further details of this event being released and also to being part of the crowd which welcomes the Olympic Torch to our city next year.