No payments for directorships on Culture and Leisure Board

At the Policy and Resources Committee on Monday evening the Administration brought froward more details of their plans for a mega-trust for Culture and Leisure services in Dundee. I was pleased that the Administration eventually accepted Labour's proposals that councillors should not be able to sneak extra payments for themselves for the doing the job which they were elected to do, and for which they are already paid. The proposal that their should be trading company as well as a charitable company could have led to councillors receiving extra payments.

I thought that it was wrong that there was a possibility that councillors could have awarded themselves extra payments for serving on the board of this organisation. We should not be in a situation where we are awarding ourselves extra money. This is particularly true at this time when council employees are feeling the pinch. I am pleased that the council accepted the proposal which were put forward by Councillor Keenan and myself it was the common sense decision, it was the right decision.

With the new trust the devil still remains in the detail and I will be keeping a close eye on this as the proposals move forward.

Leisure, Arts & Communities Committee 14 March 2011

On Monday evening the latest round of meetings of the City Council and its committees was held. At the Leisure, Arts and Communities Committee the Convener withdrew the first report on the exchange visit with Nablus because this was going to be a retrospective grant. I was pleased to tell the Convener that I was very happy that he had explained the decision he had taken. This is somewhat in contrast with the behaviour of the Education Convener over the issue of Law Nursery School. I am unhappy that the Israeli government is blocking this visit between young people in Dundee and Nablus.

On a happier note I am very pleased to publicise various golf competitions sponsored by the City Council :

The Committee are asked to approve the following sponsored golf competitions during 2011 which will
be organised in partnership with Caird or Camperdown Golf Clubs:
Camperdown 18 hole Golf Course
Date Competition Time
Saturday 4th June Stuart Patrick Cup 07:30am - 12:00noon
Sunday 5th June J. R. Ritchie Ladies Rosebowl 10:00am - 12:00noon

Camperdown Pitch and Putt Course
Friday 8th July The Camperdown Park Junior Open for
The David Low Cup 12:00noon - 3:00pm

Camperdown 18 hole Golf Course
Date Competition Time
Sunday 14th August Lord Provost’s Charity Cup 07:00am - 1:00pm
Thursday 18th August Ladies Two Ball Foursomes Trophy 10:00am - 12:00noon
Saturday 10th September Autumn Cup, 1st Round 07:00am - 12:00noon
Caird Park 18 hole Golf Course
Date Competition Time
Friday 22nd July The Caird Park Junior Open for the
Whytock Cup.
Angus County Order of Merit 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Sunday 11th September Autumn Cup, 2nd Round 07:00am - 12:00noon