Reverse Tory VAT rise on fuel

I have praised the Courier's campaign about rising fuel prices. The Conservative-led government has promised to do something about fuel prices, they should fulfil their promise in the Budget. I think that it is important rising prices are dealt with. I think that the Tory-led government's VAT rise is having a major impact on the cost of living. Please support our petition to reverse the VAT rise on fuel. I will continue to campaign to find ways of alleviating the problems caused by the rising cost of living.


Domestic Abuse Crackdown

I welcome the publication of Labour's Women's Manifesto which includes a commitment to deal effectively with domestic abuse. I've said before that there is no excuse for domestic abuse and I will continue to look at ways in which we can work to ensure that domestic abuse is tackled.

Labour top five promises for women are:

1. Improve the flexibility and provision of free childcare offered to busy working mothers in Scotland.
2. End the legacy of low paid work for women by introducing a new Scottish Living Wage of at least £7.15 an hour, starting in the public sector.
3. Jobs for 10,000 unemployed youngsters through a new Scottish Futures Jobs Fund, ensuring these jobs tackle the job segregation that reinforces women’s inequality and open up new opportunities for women in traditionally male –dominated workplaces.
4. Tackle the tragedy of cervical, breast and other cancers by introducing a new right to see a cancer specialist and get results within two weeks by 2015, halving the current waiting time.
5. Scrap dangerous SNP plans to ban the use of short prison sentences, which would see half of offenders in prison for domestic abuse walk free.

Bharatiya Ashram Carers Scheme

I attended the launch of a report on the work being done by carers supported by the Bharatiya Ashram. The Ashram does a great deal of work with many communities in Dundee. I recently had the great pleasure of watching a performance by Indian Dancers from the Ashram. The performance by young people was very impressive, the event I was at was about how older members of the community are cared for. This work helps elderly members of the Indian and Chinese communities. It was good to hear about this work and see it in action. The picture shows me with some of those who were at the event.

Tayside Police Board

On Monday morning I attended the meeting of the Tayside Police Board. The board looked at a variety of interesting issues including the Scottish Government's consultation paper on the future of the police forces in Scotland.

There was also a very interesting presentation about the use of social media by the police. I think that it is right that the police look at modern ways of policing and should use modern technology to assist them. I will be interested to hear about the outcome of this pilot.