Community Spirit Meeting

On Wednesday I attended the latest meeting of the Community Spirit group, this is a hard working group which covers the north of the West End ward. The group now has a new newsletter which highlights the work which they have done. There was also a presentation on Discovery Credit Union. I am a member of the Discovery Credit Union and I think that it does an excellent job. The Credit Union does a great job promoting financial inclusion but it is also important to note that Credit Unions also have a lot to offer to the whole community not just the financially excluded.

General Election called

The General Election has been called and I will be working hard to ensure the re-election of Jim McGovern. Jim is a hard-working Member of Parliament, who has put the interests of Dundee first. I know that many people will be impressed that Jim's campaign has led the UK Government to give tax breaks to the Games Industry which is important to Dundee. A vote for anyone other than Jim is a vote for a Tory Government and the prospect of a Tory Chancellor withdrawing these important tax breaks for this industry which is crucial to the future of our city. The video here shows the choice which we face at this election.