Tax Relief Call for Computer Games Industry

I welcome the publication by the House of Commons Scottish Affairs Select Committee of its report on 'Video Games Industry in Scotland'. I was responsible for making sure that Dundee City Council made a submission to the inquiry.

I am pleased that the Scottish Affairs Select Committee took the time to look at this important issue for Scotland and in particular for Dundee. I would like to pay tribute to the work of my colleague Jim McGovern in making sure that the Committee looked at this important issue.

Prior to the UK General Election Labour was committed to implementing tax relief for this industry. Other parties appeared to agree with Labour prior to the election but after the election the Tory-led Government at Westminster has refused to implement this policy. I hope that the city of Dundee does not pay the cost of this inaction by the UK Government. Protecting jobs is my top priority and I want to do everything possible to protect and develop the computer games industry in Dundee.