Bishop Vincent Logan RIP

Support Small Business Saturday

I supported Small Business Saturday a couple of years ago when they visited Dundee

I am calling on people to support Small Business Saturday today, 5 December 2020.  This has been a turbulent week for retail with a number of major retailers announcing that they were entering liquidation.  Businesses of all sizes have faced difficulties this year; but the difficulties caused to small businesses by Covid-19 can threaten their very survival..

As we head towards Christmas, I am calling on people to support small businesses today, Saturday 5 December.  I know that shopping habits are changing and that more and more of us are shopping online, especially during the pandemic.  We need to cherish our local high streets and their independent shops.  It is true to say that if we do not use them then it is likely that we will lose them.

I am lucky to live in the West End and represent my local area.  This means that I can shop on the Perth Road and Blackness Road and it is important to support these shops.  In the West End we are fortunate to have a number of independent shops in our area.  Many of these shops have done a great job during lockdown and have gone and above and beyond the call of duty in terms of customer service.  Our local shopping areas are more than a collection of shops they are often a social centre for communities.

I have been clear that Dundee City Council should be looking at ways of ensuring that our local shopping areas remain vibrant.  I also think that UK and Scottish Governments should be looking at ways of ensuring that there is a level playing field between local shops and online retailers and between small businesses and large-scale businesses.

I am calling on people to shop local today and shop in small businesses.