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McCready calls for bonus for council key workers


At Dundee City Council's Scrutiny Committee this week there was a report on complaints to the council.  It is important that the council takes complaints seriously.  But it is also important that we recognise the transformational impact of council services.

The report also highlighted a number of compliments for council workers.  I will quote just a couple of them.

"I wish to say a big thank you to all workers trying to keep our city up and running and in touch with the latest developments.  I really appreciate it all and hope you all stay safe and well.  Thank you."

"I would like to congratulate the bin men on their excellent service they continue to provide in difficult circumstances."

It is important at this time to focus on the positive work carried out by council workers.  These compliments show the people who really are key workers.  Far too often we diminish the role of the council and council workers.  We should be proud of the difference that the city council and its workforce are making in the city.

We should be clear that these people are key workers.

On that basis I proposed that the council should write to the First Minister asking her to look at including council  key workers in any bonus scheme that comes forward.  There was no dissent from this proposal from councillors or indeed officers.

I am really pleased that the Scrutiny Committee agreed to my call for key workers from Dundee City Council and other areas of local government to receive a bonus.  As the report before the council's Scrutiny Committee showed people in Dundee recognise all sorts of Dundee City Council employees as key workers.  For example, where would we be without bin collections?'


We need to recognise the efforts made by health and social care workers who have worked hard throughout the pandemic.  We also need to look at other key workers in local government like the many teachers and support staff in schools and workers like those who collect our bins.


A bonus just now would be a nice gesture for these hard-working people.  In the long term what we need is a society that recognises the worth of key workers and pays them a decent wage with decent conditions.


Many of us stood on our doorsteps and clapped for key workers, rightly so.  Now is the time to put that gesture into reality and look to give all key workers a decent wage.


I hope that the Scottish Government will listen to the views of Dundee City Council's Scrutiny Committee