Bishop Vincent Logan RIP

Magdalen Green Bandstand

The Magdalen Gren Bandstand is a symbol of the West End for many people.  In recent years it has been refurbished thanks largely to the efforts of local people.  In 1989 my predecessor as local councillor, Iain Luke, led efforts to refurbish the bandstand.  In recent years the Friends of Magdalen Green led efforts to refurbish the bandstand.

On one of my regular walks around the West End I was delighted to see that a new information board has been put next to the bandstand.  The board gives a brief history of the bandstand and the efforts to refurbish it.  The board also asks people to respect the bandstand by not climbing on it or having barbeques in the bandstand.

I am pleased that this board has been put up as I have asked the council to put up a board with this information on it.  Thanks to the council for doing this and to everyone who contributed to the fundraising efforts to refurbish the bandstand, including those who paid to sponge their local councillor!