Bishop Vincent Logan RIP

Drug Death Figures Shameful

Today, the National Records of Scotland published the latest figures for drug deaths.  The figures for 2019 show a six per cent increase in drug related deaths.  Scotland continues to have the highest drug-related death rate in Europe and a rate that is almost 3.5 times the rate for the UK as a whole.

There were 72 drug deaths in Dundee in 2019.  Each of those 72 represents a devastating loss for families and friends.  A real tragedy touching many lives.  We cannot continue like this.

We need to recognise that this is a public health crisis.  The Covid-19 public health crisis has demonstrated that when there is a will things can happen.

All political parties need to acknowledge failure on this issue. We need to move on to find solutions that work. To find solutions that bring down the number of deaths.  It may be unrealistic but the target has to be zero drug deaths in Scotland.

We need all political parties and experts working together to find ways to end stigma, save lives and look to help those who are trying to promote recovery.

These figures are shameful and all those in positions of authority, which includes me, need to recognise that and work towards finding real solutions.  This is not about politics, this is about saving lives.