Bishop Vincent Logan RIP

Two Year Wait for Tay Cities Deal - it is time for action

The second anniversary of the signing of the Heads of Terms for the Tay Cities Deal was on Sunday, 22 November.  The Ayrshire Growth Deal was signed last week, the Heads of Terms for that deal was signed in March 2019, it is time for action on the Tay Cities Deal.

Two years ago a number of projects were identified as needing support to bring jobs to the Tay Cities Region.  Two years on the Tay Cities Deal still has not been signed.  This is not good enough.

When the Head of Terms were signed between the four councils and the Scottish and UK Governments, I was told that it would take about one year to deliver the full deal.  At that time, I called for urgency I was aware that our region needed investment in jobs.  I am appalled that it is now going to be over two years between signing the Heads of Terms and the actual deal being delivered.  This is not some administrative matter, in these two years projects have become dearer; other locations have developed across the world in competition to the plans in this area.  Opportunities may have been lost.

The creation and retention of good quality jobs in Dundee and across the Tay Cities Region is my priority.  I am not interested in a blame game of who did what and when, I am looking for the UK and Scottish Governments, the four councils and the private sector partners to work together in the best interests of the Tay Cities region and deliver plans that bring good quality jobs to our area.

I know that Covid-19 has made a huge difference in the last few months and that it has made it more difficult for government and councils to focus on the deal, but I note that the Ayrshire Growth Deal which agreed its Heads of Terms after the Tay Cities Deal was signed off last week.

I want to see action sooner rather than later.  I want to see investment in Dundee and across the wider Tay Cities Region.  I want to see jobs created.