Violence, threats abuse are not part of the job

I welcome the news that the Scottish Government plans to support the Members' Bill put forward in the Scottish Parliament by Daniel Johnson MSP on protecting retail workers, the Protection of Workers (Retail and Age-restricted Goods and Services) (Scotland) Bill.  In February I raised my concerns about the safety of shopworkers and called for support for Daniel Johnson's Bill.

Nobody should face violence, threats or abuse at their place of work.  I was shocked to hear from staff at the Co-operative Group's Blackness store about the level of threats and abuse that they have to face on a daily basis.  I am clear that the Co-op in Blackness is not unusual; for far too many shop workers this is part of their working day.  This is unacceptable.

It is good news that the Scottish Government has now accepted that this is an issue which requires legislation.  I hope that they will support this important Bill through its passage through the Scottish Parliament.  During the Covid-19 pandemic some people have spoken about 'Retail Heroes' now is the chance for our MSPs to put that rhetoric into action by legislating to protect retail workers.
There can be no excuse for violence against retail workers and I am still calling on Police Scotland to take this issue seriously and offer support and protection to retail workers.  I know that locally this is the case and I know that this new legislation will allow the police to do more and to ensure that shop workers can go to their work free from fear.

I will be contacting all of my MSPs and I hope that they will all support Daniel Johnson's important bill.  


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