Social Security Jobs Welcome - more still to be done

An impression of how to the Waterfront is going to look

As Dundee Labour's City Development spokesperson I welcome the confirmation that Social Security Scotland will be the tenants at Earl Grey House, or Site 6 at the Waterfront.

The priority of the Labour Group on Dundee City Council remains jobs.  We are pleased that at long last this announcement has been made.  Dundee should be the base for civil service jobs both from the Scottish and UK Governments.  We will be looking for more job announcements in due course.

It is clear that the economy will be impacted by coronavirus pandemic and Dundee City Council, the Scottish and UK Governments must do all that they can to protect jobs and create new jobs at this time.

This is good news for the Waterfront development.  I will be looking for more jobs announcements soon.  The Waterfront development is predicated on delivering jobs for people here in Dundee.  It must continue to deliver good quality jobs for local people.  I am seeking a briefing from officers to find out about the Waterfront and I hope to hear about imminent plans for more investment in jobs for Dundee.
 The Labour Group support public investment in the Waterfront but we have been told time and again that this would lever in private sector tenants and investors.  Thus far there has been very little concrete evidence that private sector tenants or investors will take up facilities or invest in the Waterfront.  I am looking for a briefing with officers on the Waterfront and I will be hoping to hear evidence of imminent private sector investment in the Waterfront.

The Labour Group is looking for a Community Wealth Building approach to rebuilding the economy of our city after the pandemic.  This approach would encourage public sector investment and partnership with the private sector to deliver investment in jobs for local people here in Dundee.