Bishop Vincent Logan RIP

Time to deliver on Tay Cities Deal

As a member of the Tay Cities Deal Joint Committee, I am calling for the deal to be delivered as a matter of urgency.  I have voiced my frustrations at the lack of progress on the deal over many months now.

It is a disgrace that the Tay Cities Deal has not been signed off before now.  It is important that both governments get their act together and deliver investment for Dundee and the Tay Cities region.  I would urge the governments to stop writing articles in the local press and instead sign the deal and allow investment to provide jobs in the region.

I am concerned that the UK Government are mentioning their response to Covid-19 in regard to the Tay Cities Deal.  The Tay Cities Deal must reflect the impact of Covid-19 but we must be clear that the Tay Cities proposals reflected plans and needs prior to the pandemic.  There needs to be other plans to effectively deal with impact of Covid-19, it cannot be cobbled onto the pre-existing Tay Cities plans.

Investment in jobs is crucial to Dundee and the region’s future.  This needs to take place sooner rather than later.  We need to deliver jobs and to do this the Tay Cities Deal needs to be signed off as a matter of urgency.

I am thoroughly fed up of the two governments speaking to each other through the pages of the press I want them to get their act together and sign off on the deal now.

There is a meeting of the Tay Cities Region Joint Committee scheduled for this Friday, 21 August.  I expect to hear about a signing date for the Tay Cities Deal at that meeting.  This is not about politicians falling out with each other it is about trying to deliver jobs and prosperity for people in Dundee and across the region.