Bishop Vincent Logan RIP

Disgraceful Assaults on Police Officers & Action needed on domestic break-ins

Last night there was a Dundee City Council Community Safety and Public Protection Committee. 

The report by Police Scotland contained the shocking statistic that there had been a 67% increase in attacks on police officers  compared to last year.  It was shocking to hear that many of these assaults had been by people claiming to have Covid-19 and coughing or spitting at police officers.

The committee agreed with me that this was disgraceful.  I am clear that we should thanking police officers for keeping us safe in these difficult times.

I hope that anyone responsible for these disgraceful attacks on police officers is caught and that those who are guilty of this terrible behaviour face penalties.

I was also very concerned to read that domestic house breaking has increased by a third in the first quarter of the year.  I called on Police Scotland to ensure that there were sufficient resources to effectively deal with domestic house breaking even during the ongoing pandemic.

Overall, it is clear that we should be very grateful to the police officers who have worked so hard to protect us over the last few months.