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Disgrace Tay Cities Deal still not signed

As a member of the Tay Cities Region Joint Committee I am hugely disappointed at the lack of progress in signing the Tay Cities Deal.  The latest committee meeting took place on Friday, 21 August 2020.


It is a disgrace that we appear to be no further forward with the signing of the deal.  In November 2018 when the heads of terms were agreed I called for urgency to deliver the deal.  It is now nearly two years on and not enough progress has been made.


The Tay Cities Deal reflects that the economy of our region does not work for everyone in the region and this investment is needed now more than ever.  We need to see investment in jobs in Dundee and across the region.


Recently, the UK Minister Iain Stewart MP said that the “The Tay Cities Deal is long overdue” well it is high time that he put his money where his mouth was.  Get the deal signed.


It is shameful to make grandiose statements in the local press as Mr Stewart has done and not back them up with action.


This is not about politics it is about jobs and prosperity for people in Dundee and across the region.  The UK Government, the Scottish Government and the local councils and others need to work together to get this deal signed.

The Tay Cities Deal Committee agreed as a matter of urgency to seek meetings to get the deal signed sooner rather than later. I am looking for action, not for its own sake but rather to deliver much needed jobs for our city and region.

You can read the statement by UK Minister Iain Stewart MP here.