Bishop Vincent Logan RIP

Let the council know your views on changes to Harris Academy and its feeder primary feeder primary schools

Recently Dundee City Council decided to consult on changes to a variety of schools across the city.  In the West End the main issues are around Harris Academy and its associated feeder primary schools.

The headline move is that the council plans to exclude pupils from Invergowrie Primary from the Harris Academy catchment area.  The Labour Group voted against these plans on the basis that there was no overall educational strategic vision underpinning these proposals.

We were out voted and as a result there is now a consultation on these proposals.  You can read the proposals here. The consultation is now open and will go on until 27 March.  I would encourage anyone who has a view on these proposals to let the council know.

There are also two evening meetings taking place one taking place on 26 February starting at 6pm with  a public viewing of proposals and a drop-in session at 6pm and a formal presentation at 7pm with a Question and Answer session.  A similar meeting will take place on 16 March at the same times, both meetings take place in Harris Academy.