Time to open up Camperdown House

Camperdown House open during 
the Flower and Food Festival

calling for Dundee City Council to work to develop a long-term sustainable use for Camperdown House.  Last weekend I joined thousands of others visiting Camperdown House after it was briefly open over the weekend at the Flower and Food Festival.

It is time that we found a long-term sustainable use for Camperdown House.  I was delighted to join many other people visiting the house at the Flower and Food Festival.  It was good to get the chance to visit the house but it is a shame that it is open so infrequently.  I am looking forward to opening of the V & A in two weeks time, the investment in culture there is very welcome I would now like to see attention turn to the future of Camperdown House.

Camperdown House represents an important part of the history of our city and of the United Kingdom.  Camperdown House belongs to the people of Dundee and those who are its current custodians should be looking for a long-term sustainable public use for Camperdown House.

Dundee and Angus College did a great job running a cafe in the house recently and I think that this sort of training facility is a way forward for the house.  I am urging Dundee City Council to look to work with partners to deliver a public use for Camperdown House which allows the people of Dundee to access the house.  I know that there are proposals in the Tay Cities Deal which could deliver this but whatever the outcome of the long-delayed Tay Cities Deal I want to see action to bring Camperdown House back into regular use.

I think there are a number of uses that Camperdown House could be put to but it is important that whatever becomes of the house that an element of free public access that says something about the history of the house and estate is retained.

Camperdown House belongs to the people of Dundee it is time that they got to enjoy visiting it on a regular basis.
I was pleased to speak to members of the McManus 168 group 
inside Camperdown House at the weekend