Welcome for Decision to Revisit Residents' Car Parking Scheme

I welcome the decision by Dundee City Council to revisit the issue of a residents' car parking scheme in the West End of Dundee.  At the November meeting of the West End Community Council the Depute Convener of City Development Councillor Mark Flynn announced that Dundee City Council will be revisiting the issue of a residents 'car parking scheme in the West End.

I have been consistent in asking for action on this important issue.

I welcome this announcement.  It is good that the City Council has listened to my concerns and the concerns of other local residents.   This welcome news and it recognises that something needs done.

Residents in the West End have raised concerns about not being a able to park near their house.  I welcomed the announcement from Councillor Mark Flynn tonight.  It is a very welcome change of heart from the Administration of the City Council.  It is important that the council learns the lessons of the previous attempt at implementing a residents parking scheme.  There can be no one size fits all solution.  We need may need different solutions in different streets.  We also need to recognise that the biggest problem with the previous proposals was that the proposed cost of £80 was just too high.

We also need to do all that we can to cut back on demand for car parking spaces.  We need to do all that we can to cut back on the number of people using their cars and coming and parking in the West End.  We also need to be wary of unintended consequences of any proposals, we need to be careful about merely moving the problem.

The devil will be in the detail of these proposals and it is important that local people have their say over the proposals when they are brought forward.  The council needs to listen to local people and deliver on proposals which they support.  I am pleased to see action at long last.

The video here is from October 2015 and it sums up my views on what is needed  - no one-size-fits-all approach and a need for clarity about the future.