Concern over Job Losses at Scottish Electic

As Dundee Labour's City Development spokesperson, I have expressed my concern at job losses at Scottish Electric which is based in the West End ward.  I am seeking an update from the City Council about what they will do to help the workforce find alternative employment.

This is terrible news for the 99 people who have lost their jobs.  I will be seeking a briefing on what the council can do to help those who have lost their jobs.   It is bad news for the city when a company employing this number of people goes into liquidation.  I am clear though that as Labour's City Development spokesperson my priority is to help to create and protect jobs in Dundee.

It is also crucially important that we do all that we can to protect apprentices.  Those young people who have apprenticeships at Scottish Electric must be found an alternative.  It is so important that they get to finish their apprenticeship and are prepared for the world of work.

There is a lot of construction work going on in Dundee just now.  It is important that as much of that work as is possible goes to Dundee based firms so that the investment benefits the wider economy of the city.  Scottish Electric were working on the new railway station and we should be doing what we can to try and get the workers who have lost their jobs at Scottish Electric to continue to work on the railway station.