Big Noise Douglas

Cllrs Kevin Keenan & Richard McCready making their way into
Dundee City Chambers to support El Sistema
I was delighted to see the Big Noise Dundee launched on Thursday.  This version of the El Sistema programme is to welcomed and I hope that it will make a real difference in the Douglas area.

I was particularly pleased to see this happen as I had made clear my support for this project several times in the council chamber.  Indeed I spoke in favour of it long before the council's administration was prepared to support it.  I first mentioned that we should support it when I was paying tribute to the life and legacy of the singer Michael Marra.  This should be a lasting memorial to Michael Marra.

I have heard about the great work that the Big Noise has made in Raploch and indeed in the area of Glasgow where I was born, Govanhill.

I hope that the Big Noise Douglas will be a great success.