Theft from Dundee City Council

I was very concerned to see reports of the theft of over £1 million from Dundee City Council and the conviction of a former member of staff.  Councillors and the people of Dundee need reassurance that this cannot happen again.  I agree with my colleague Bailie Kevin Keenan about what is needed to move forward on this, his statement is below.

Commenting after the sentencing of Mark Conway for stealing from Dundee City Council, Labour Group Leader Bailie Kevin Keenan said, ‘The main culprit here is Mark Conway and it is right that the full force of the law has been brought to bear against him.’

‘I am looking for Dundee City Council’s Auditors to produce a report on how this could have happened.  I also want to see evidence that loopholes have been tightened and that as far as is possible senior officers of the council are convinced that this cannot happen again.’

‘The people of Dundee and councillors need openness and honesty about how this was allowed to happen and the reassurance that it is not possible again.  I also want to know what impact cuts have had in this.  Over the last few years the number of staff of the council has been cut and this has led to people taking on more and more responsibility.  Did this mean that there were fewer checks and balances in place to prevent this type of theft and fraud?  I also want to know that Dundee City Council will be doing all in its power to recover this much-needed public money.’