A Working Port - Pay Packets for workers in Dundee Sign of Success

I have been campaigning for a working port with Jenny Marra MSP
As Dundee Labour's City Development spokesperson today I welcomed the agreement between Forth Ports Limited and AF Offshore Decom UK on the signing of Heads of Agreement to establish a new joint venture AF Dundee.  Along with the Labour Party and the trade union movement, especially my trade union the GMB, I have campaigned for a working port in Dundee and in support of decommissioning jobs coming to Dundee.

Dundee needs a working port.  I am pleased to see progress on decommissioning.  This is something which I have campaigned on with Jenny Marra MSP, Labour colleagues and trade unions like the GMB over a number of years.  It is good to see progress being made.

The signing of the Heads of Agreement is good.  I look forward to this coming to fruition and delivering jobs here in Dundee.  I hope that this will result in a jobs boost for our city.  The test for success on this will be when the first Dundee workers receive a pay packet from this project.

I am determined to do all that I can to make Dundee a working port.  Along with the Labour Group on the City Council I will work with anyone to deliver that working port that our city needs.  I want to stop jobs sailing past our city and help to bring them to the city.  This is a good start and I hope that this project will be a success and bring good quality, sustainable jobs to Dundee.