Air Quality - What is happening?

At the Environment Committee on Monday evening there was only one item, this was spending up to £7,500 to remove the air quality monitoring unit on Union Street.  I have been campaigning for improved air quality for a number of years and I do think that Dundee City Council needs to do all that it can to provide leadership and deliver improved air quality.

I asked whether officers were convinced that air quality had improved enough in Union Street for this equipment to be removed.  I also asked whether the equipment which was being removed could be reused.  Officers said that they were convinced that air quality in Union Street has improved and told me that the equipment could be reused.

I also asked whether the City Council is effectively using all the powers that it has to improve air quality.  I was told that I will receive a response to this later.  I look forward to getting a full response but I remain concerned that there needs to be more of a focus on improving air quality and the environment.  I will continue to campaign on this issue.