Active Schools/Outdoor Learning transfer of jobs more detail required

At Monday evening's Policy & Resources there was an Agenda Note on the transfer of jobs in Active Schools and Outdoor Learning from the City Council to Leisure & Culture Dundee.  This is a major change and will have a major impact on the lives of these workers if it goes through. 

An Agenda Note is a brief way of reporting to a Dundee City Council committee.  I was appalled that this proposed major change was being put forward in a mere six paragraphs.  Those six paragraphs do not tell us how many jobs will be impacted by these proposals.  Bizarrely given the focus of the SNP Council on cutting £23 million there are no details of the financial implications of these proposals.  This is not good enough.  You can see the Agenda Note above.

I asked for an assurance that before any final decisions are made that there will actually be a proper report to the council.  Proper governance leads to better decisions.  I was pleased that the Administration agreed to my request, such a big change should not be made on such a flimsy prospectus.