Action needed on poor air quality

As Labour's Environment spokesperson in Dundee I am demanding action by Dundee City Council on poor air quality. I'm frustrated that year after year streets in Dundee are named in this research by Friends of the Earth Scotland.  Lochee Road and Seagate are named yet again as amongst the most polluted streets in Scotland.  Friends of the Earth Scotland claim that there are 2,000 deaths in Scotland each year as a result of poor air quality.  If these figures are even close to being correct then they must act as a call to action.

It is disappointing that yet again we find Dundee streets named amongst the most polluted in Scotland. I have raised this time and again and it is time for concerted action on this. Dundee City Council should call a summit of all interested parties and ensure that everything is being done to eradicate poor air quality in Dundee.


I am also calling on the Dundee Fairness Commission to look at the impact of poor air quality in Dundee.  It is important that this is looked at.


Action is needed - the health of people in Dundee relies on effective action and Dundee City Council must take a lead on this.
I know that Dundee City Council is trying to deal with this issue but it is important that there is concerted action on this aimed at finding a long-term lasting solution.