WestFest - Please help

I'm calling for support for WestFest and want to pay tribute to those volunteers who have made the event possible over the last few years.


Like many other people who live in the West End I have enjoyed WestFest over the years. It has grown considerably since I helped organise meetings to look at the possibility of an event in the summer.


I was sorry to hear that the event is under threat. I would urge as many people as possible to go along to the AGM and volunteer. I would want to pay tribute to those committee members who have played a crucial role over the years in making WestFest the success it has become.

The AGM takes place on Thursday 24th September at 7pm in Blackness Library, please go along if you can or get in touch with the committee if you can't make it but would want to help.

I have enjoyed WestFest from the start and it also allowed me and a few hundred others to briefly become world record holders for taking part in the world's largest piggyback race.  You can see this historic occasion in the video above, you can spot me and my daughter at about 45 seconds!


I will be contacting the council to see what further support they could offer to WestFest. I would also appeal to local businesses to consider offering sponsorship which might help WestFest to continue.

If WestFest doesn't go ahead local people will miss the chance to soak their local councillors