Flower & Food Festival & Fairtrade

On Friday I was delighted to visit the Flower & Food Festival at Camperdown Park.  I was volunteering at the Dundee Fairtrade Forum stall.  I am the Convener of the Dundee Fairtrade Forum and the Flower and Food Festival offers a great opportunity to promote the benefits of Fairtrade.  As a Fairtrade City it is right that Dundee uses the Flower and Food Festival to promote Fairtrade.

The festival is continuing over Saturday and Sunday and I hope that there is good weather.  I hope that when people visit the Festival they will look out for Fairtrade products at all of the stalls and catering outlets.  Fairtrade is about making sure that the human dignity of workers is respected and that workers receive a fair wage for their work and that they work in a safe environment.  As a strong supporter of the co-operative movement it is interesting to note that many Fairtrade businesses are co-operatives.

The Flower and Food Festival is a great day out and well worth a visit.  I was pleased to see many friends and community groups represented at the festival.