Real Story about WestFest should be thanks to the organisers

I have been raising my concerns about the way in which parking tickets were issued at WestFest on Sunday.  I received a response from the council which suggested that a meeting should take place between the council and the organisers.  I welcome that but I am still disappointed that the issue around car parking has overshadowed
I am disappointed with the response which I have received.  I think that targeting a community event such as WestFest was a huge mistake, and that it should be acknowledged as such.  People who received a Penalty Charge Notice have a right of appeal and should pursue that right but it is disappointing to see the council stand by its actions on Sunday.  I have campaigned against parking on Magdalen Green since I was first elected, it was one of the very first issues I raised on the council.  I have not always felt as supported as I could have been by the council's bureaucracy on this issue.  I is hope that this the first step on the council's plan to eradicate parking on Magdalen Green?


I am seeking further answers about a number of issues around this.  The only positive that I see in the council's response was the offer to meet with the WestFest organisers to discuss what went on and look to see if there are any lessons which can be learned for future years.


It is hugely disappointing that the issue of parking tickets is overshadowing what should be the real story of the WestFest.  The real story should be about the amazing success it was.  We should be congratulating the organisers for all their hard work in their own time creating a magnificent event enjoyed by thousands of people on Sunday.