Pedestrian Crossing at Ashbank Road and Blackness Road Junction

I'm calling on Dundee City Council to re-think its stance on a pedestrian crossing near to the junction of Blackness Road, Ashbank Road and Seymour Street.  I'm a local resident shared constituents concerns with regard to the crossing.  This issue has been raised with me by many local constituents including elderly residents and the not so old.

I am concerned that the City Council appears to have dismissed residents concerns about crossing Blackness Road at this point.  This is a very busy area with a lot of traffic and also a number of Sheltered Housing facilities in the vicinity.  I think that Dundee City Council should engage with the local community and look at ways of improving road safety here, including revisiting the issue of a pedestrian crossing here.

I will be speaking to officers in the City Development Department to ensure that this issue is looked at.  I want to know that the council is doing all that it can to promote road safety in this area for my constituents.