Roseangle Play-Park

Along with my colleague Jenny Marra MSP this morning I visited the site of the Roseangle-Play Park to look at the work which is going on there to refurbish the play-park.  Both Jenny and myself are long-term supporters of the refurbishment and we were delighted to see the refurbished play-park taking shape.

This is going to be a real asset for the West End. It will be enjoyed by families from far and wide. I would like to pay tribute to the hard-work of the parents and other members of the community who have made this refurbishment possible. It is great to see local people making a real difference to their communities.


Along with Jenny Marra MSP
 it was good to get shown round the site by Sharon Dickie
As Labour's Environment spokesperson on the council I will be looking for ways in which the council can refurbish and enhance play-parks across the city and looking for ways in which we can learn from the excellent work which has gone on here.

I am looking forward to the play-park being ready to re-open in April and I know that it will be well-used and appreciated by children and their families across the West End and beyond. Once again I would like to congratulate Sharon Dickie and her team who have pushed this project to this stage.