Disgraceful theft from Camperdown House

I am appalled by reports in the Evening Telegraph that there have been extensive thefts of lead from the roof of Camperdown House.  It is disgraceful that this theft from Camperdown House has taken place. I hope that whoever did this is caught and I would urge anyone with information about this theft to contact the police.

It is also disgraceful that there is no long-term sustainable use for Camperdown House. I have said before that I think it falls between several stools and what is needed is a concerted effort to get a sustainable, long-term use for Camperdown House. This is an item that has been crying out for action by the City Council for a number of years and I think that now is the time for action.   I will be trying to bring all the interested parties together in a meeting to try and get a clear route forward for Camperdown House.