Feast of Christ the King

On Sunday I joined a number of council colleagues and others from Westminster and Holyrood and from the world of academia at a Mass to celebrate the Feast of Christ the King at St Andrew's Cathedral in my ward.  This is an annual event and this was the first time that Bishop Stephen Robson has presided at the event.

As ever it was a beautiful service, with some fantastic singing from the choir. It was also good to get the chance to meet so many constituents amongst the congregation.  There is always a very warm welcome given at the Cathedral.

Bishop Stephen preached on the Gospel of the day which was Chapter 25 Verses 35-45 of Matthew's Gospel.  This is passage about feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, welcoming the stranger, clothing the naked, visiting the sick and visiting prisoners.  This is a passage that I hold very dear and which I hope influences my actions as an elected representative.  I think that this passage is a challenge to politicians (whether they are Christians or not) and sets a standard which we should aim for.  Bishop Stephen certainly set out a number of challenges for everyone listening on Sunday.  As ever we were thanked for our service as councillors which is very nice, but which is not something that I look for or expect.